SAP Financials: From R/3 to S/4HANA

End to the complexity of the 1900s Information Systems?

SAP is facing the biggest change since R/3 client server launch at the end of the nineties. The in-memory technology and the new S/4HANA Enterprise Suite will at some point replace the existing applications. It is clear that all SAP customers must  in the future move to HANA. At the latest by 2025, which is the deadline for support. Even if it is not probable that SAP will kill a milking cow, the maintenance fees might kill you.

Although there seems to be  plenty of time, it pays off to start planning a roadmap. It is possible to proceed step by step. By making an update to ECC607, by moving the applications on HANA database, by migrating to New General Ledger.

Road map to HANA

SAP is now primarily interested in the new. As are the partners and consultants. In the IT world, it has never been especially popular to be profiled as an expert of dying software. Therefore at some point it becomes difficult to find support.

It also makes sense to valuate, if all the data is worth moving. The time to finally start an archiving project is NOW!

Finally! The systems imagined as early as in the seventies are coming to life.

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