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SAP Query: additional fields (Month, Year)

SAP Query: additional fields (posting period, fiscal year)

Accounting asks you to add month (posting period) and year (fiscal year) to the billing query. You find both fields in the billing header table VBRK.  The bad thing is that both Posting period (POPER) and Fiscal year (GJAHR) are empty. What to do? You can add these fields to the query using SAP Query: additional fields functionality.

Invoice date is the only date in the query . To get the figures for a certain month or year, you must enter a date intervall in the report selection. Totals or subtotals by period are no possible. The period  is not a  possible selection criteria, either.

Is it possible to derive the period from the billing date? SAP Query: additional fields solves the problem. In the example below we add two additional fields (month and year) to the query. The values for these fields come from the invoice date VBRP-FKDAT, which is in the database in format YYYMMDD. The first four characters (YYYY) define the year and the next two (MM) the month. With a small code snippet these can be added to the infoset.

Additional fields (posting period and fiscal year) <HTML>