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SAP Area Menu: Create a report tree

How to create a report tree with SAP Area Menu?

Finding the right reports can be a problem. For custom reports you need to know the program names or z-transaction codes. SAP Area Menu offers an easy solution for this dilemma. You can assign to SAP Area Menu both standard and custom reports . These can be queries, Report Painter reports, abap-programs or transactions.

SAP Area Menu eases also the maintenance of report authorizations,  which often frustrate the users. Same program can cause authorization error depending on how you start it. Consider Financial Statements. The user can choose between  transactions F.01, S_ALR_87012284, S_ALR_87009822 or program RFBILA00. The user might have authorization for only one of these.

Authorization roles are an efficient way to  control the Area Menu access. Insert Area Menu to Authorization role, and it opens up in the user menu. The users can rely on that they have authorization to all reports they see.

SAP Area Menus also function as transactions. With one transaction you get access to several reports. Unfortunately you cannot add the Area Menu transaction to your favorites.


Note! Creating Area Menus is quite technical. It involves change requests, authorizations and development packages. This requires some expertise and co-operation with SAP basis.

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