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SAP Query Output Format

SAP Query: Output Format

SAP Query: Output Format defines the look and formatting of a finished SAP Query report.  The output format is selected on the report’s selection screen.  Output format ABAP list is defaulted.

SAP List Viewer

The output format ‘SAP List Viewer’, which uses the ALV functionality, frees you from the choices of the Basic List (order, sort, total).

ALV functions allow you to order the columns, sort, filter and summarize  their contents. You can save and choose between several layouts.

Saved Lists

Running queries can be very time and resource consuming. You consider running them in background. The result is disappointing. You can no longer edit or drill down. Even the output format ‘Spreadsheet’ turns into plain Abap List.

The best solution is to run the query in background with the option “Save with ID” option. This saves the output as a ‘Saved list’. You can later access these from the query screen (SQ00/Sq01) menu Goto/Saved lists.

If the query has been assigned to an Area menu, it has a transaction code. You can start ‘Saved list’ from there, too.

Below an example of a query transaction added to the user’s favorites.

SAP Query: output format - saved lists

Right click the transaction and a menu, where ‘Saved Lists’ is an option, opens.


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