Export - import Report Groups

SAP Report Painter: Export – import Report groups

Export – import Report groups

When you want to assign a Report Painter report to an Area Menu, there is no place for a report name, only for the Report group. This means that you need to know the Report group’s name. Area Menus are created and maintained in Development system. This means that the Report groups must exist there, too. Otherwise you cannot assign them. The easiest way to get them  to development is to export – import Report groups as text files.

Because of meaningful test data users often create the Report Painter reports directly in production or test. All  Report Painter reports must be assigned to a Report group before they can be used. Before you can export – import, you need to identify the Report Groups.

The document below explains what  you need to do.


How to transfer Report groups to other clients and systems?

SAP Query download - upload

SAP Query Download – Upload

How to download – upload SAP Queries to other clients and systems?

Transport Requests are the normal way to move objects from one client / system to another (PRD, DEV, QAS). For SAP Query download – upload is an alternative.

We created our query in the test system. It is not set up for automatic change recording and does not generate transport requests. An easy way to move queries between clients and systems is to use download – upload. Note that this functionality can only be used for Standard Area queries, not for Global Area Queries.

As we created the query in the Standard query area, we can use the download – upload functionality to move queries between clients and systems.




SAP Query download-upload to other clients and systems?